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Initial Meet and Greet: Because we offer a cage free environment, it is important that we make sure your dog is a good fit and gets along with others.  We ask that you bring your dog in for a meet and greet before you plan to board him.  Please call us for an appointment. Plan on bringing his shot record and leaving your dog for at least four hours so we have time to get to know him. 


We ask that all dogs be spayed or neutered by 6 months old please! 

Shot Requirements:  Everyone must be current on Bordetella (kennel cough) Distemper and Rabies.  We are also recommending the Dog Flu vaccination but it is not mandatory

Breed Restrictions: We love all dogs!  And as much as we hate it, we must restrict full pits from coming.  It just comes down to them being too strong and their corrections with other dogs too severe.  For full pit breeds we recommend The Dog Spot Hotel in north Melbourne - great facility.  We also do not take full Akitas or any wolf hybrids. 

Age Parameters: We like all puppies to be through their full round of puppy shots including rabies. We are equipped to handle older or special needs dogs.  We do request a special meet and greet for dogs over 14. 

Food: Daycare:  You do not have to bring food for daycare.  But we will be happy to feed them if they have special food requirements. 

Boarding: We ask that you DO bring food. We like to keep everyone on their own diet.  Please bag up their meals for morning and night feeding - this is extremely helpful when we are trying to get a lot of dogs fed twice a day!! 

Medications:  PLEASE do NOT mix medications in with food.  We prefer meds brought to us in their original bottles whenever possible.  We will get specific instructions from you when you drop them off.  If your dog is prone to stomach issues and you have "as needed" meds, please bring them in. Also, please make sure that we are aware of any on-going health concerns that your dog may have: food allergies, limping, history of seizures or pancreatitis, etc.  

We have all the blankets, toys and bowls they will need here for them.  No collars necessary.  



Release form.  For your convenience, you can print and sign the attached release for and bring it for your first visit 

Information Sheet / Rates

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